AGOGMOTO is based in Oxfordshire UK, sharing the facilities with the holding company AGOGVIVID a movies special effects company… Working out of a stone barn with no heat or AC it’s been home of Agog for the past 18 years it is a little quirky, full of character and it’s just the way we like it!

AgogMoto is headed up by Jason Troughton, a Hollywood movie Special Effects Supervisor, better known of some of his work creating physical effects on films such as Sexy Beast, Seed of Chucky, Hills have Eyes, Mirrors, The Way Back, Imitation Game and Papillon. When he is not creating some on-set magic, Jason puts on another hat, that of designer and builder at AgogMoto.  Utilising his formal training in industrial design and the fabrication skills from 30 years of creating special effects, he embarks on his life’s passion of motorcycles, maintaining and refining the raw beauty of Honda’s HRC  road and race bikes. Working alongside Jason is his son Harry, (a demon TIG welder and fabricator) who whilst learning the ropes helms AGOGMoto ensuring continuation of their work in custom and race preparation when Jason’s away blowing something up!

Whether creating rain special effects or replacing a leaky fork seal…. everything is done with passion and care whether its your NS125, RS 500 or RC30…. We don’t have a retail showroom, storefront, boutique or whatever you might call it, and we’re not open to the public. That said, if you’re passing through Oxfordshire and want a peek in the shop and drink some good coffee, we will always try to accommodate, it can’t hurt to ask.

In addition to the general servicing of Honda HRC bikes, our operation is slowly becoming known for its work of custom builds… a combination of the old, inter-spliced with modern race components that always add up to something unique, fast and fun.

We love our work… to come to work every day be creative and make cool stuff what could be better in life!


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